Launching his solo career in 1994, Armik drew upon his jazz roots and flamenco passions to create a revolutionary twist on the emerging Nuevo flamenco sound. His invaluable compositions and performances cover…


01/27/2015 – Armik’s latest release, MYSTIFY is #2 on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age Chart (16 weeks).
01/27/15 – Billboard 2014 Year End Chart: Armik is #5 on Billboard’s 2014 Top Ten Year End Artist Chart. Billboard 2014 Best New Age Albums Chart: Romantic Spanish Guitar, Vol 1. #9, Alegra #12, Greatest Hits #13, Flames of Love #14.
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On Mystify Armik’s new all-acoustic album, the best- selling Nuevo Flamenco guitarist gives us a riveting, intense and intimate program consisting of eleven songs. His musical poetry soars with all the beauty and integrity of his twenty-eight previous recordings and more importantly, his guitar virtuosity and technique continue to exceed any pre-conceived expectations. Mystify is the kind of impressively moving recording that you’ll be glad you listened to from start to finish.

Armik’s GREATEST HITS are passionate, romantic, reflective and uplifting: Fourteen amazing tracks from his chart topping recordings on Bolero Records. Armik brings a distinctive style of love, sensuality and class with ROMANTIC SPANISH GUITAR Volume 1, his 3rd romantic theme project.

Enjoy these two preview videos from Armik’s recent releases: Mystify and Greatest Hits.
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